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OIG Mission and Guiding Principles

In accordance with the Inspector General Act, we conduct objective oversight of NASA programs and operations and independently report to the Administrator, Congress, and the public to further the Agency’s accomplishment of its mission.

The NASA Office of Inspector General (OIG) is comprised of four Offices – Audits, Investigations, Counsel, and Management and Planning (along with our Advanced Data Analytics Program) – which implement the OIG mission as described below:

Office of Audits (OA) conducts independent and objective audits, reviews, and other examinations to improve the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness and to identify waste and mismanagement in NASA programs, projects, operations, and contractor activities. In addition, OA oversees the work of the independent public accountant in its audit of NASA’s financial statements.

Office of Investigations (OI) investigates allegations of crime, cyber-crime, fraud, abuse or misconduct having an impact on NASA programs, personnel and resources. OI refers its findings to either the Department of Justice for prosecution or to NASA management for action. Through its investigations, OI identifies crime indicators and recommends effective measures for NASA management, designed to reduce NASA’s vulnerability to criminal activity.

Counsel to the IG provides advice and assistance on a variety of legal issues relating to OIG review of NASA programs and operations. The legal staff reviews legislation, regulations, Freedom of Information Act requests, and other matters that require OIG attention. Additionally, the Office of Counsel provides legal advice to OIG senior management, auditors, and investigators, and serves as counsel in administrative litigation in which the OIG is a party.

Office of Management and Planning (OMP) provides financial, procurement, human resources, administrative, and information technology (IT) services support to the OIG staff. OMP ensures state-of-the-art IT systems capabilities for the OIG, advises the Inspector General and OIG senior management on budget issues and human resources staffing matters, directs OIG internal management and support operations, and oversees development of and adherence to management policies and procedures.

Office of Data Analytics (ODA) provides sophisticated data analytic support to the OIG. ODA leverages data analytic techniques using a myriad of NASA, other agency, and non-government data sets to assist OA and OI with accomplishing their missions.

The NASA OIG consists of auditors, analysts, specialists, investigators, attorneys and support staff at NASA Headquarters in Washington, DC and NASA Centers throughout the United States.

Guiding Principles

We maintain a workforce committed to performance, excellence, and accountability by working together to ensure that:

  • our activities result in needed change and are responsive to customer needs;
  • our opinions and products are independent, objective, and accurate;
  • our workforce is highly competent and seeks opportunities for continual improvement;
  • we act with professionalism, integrity, and transparency.