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A-24-05-00-FMD | Audit of NASA’s Fiscal Year 2024 Financial Statements

The independent public accounting firm Ernst & Young LLP will perform this audit with oversight by OIG staff.

A-24-03-00-FMD | Audit of NASA’s Compliance with the Payment Integrity Information Act for FY 2023

This audit will assess NASA’s compliance with the Payment Integrity Information Act of 2019 that seeks to reduce improper payments across federal agencies.


There are no ongoing audits at this time.


A-24-02-00-MSD | NASA’s Compliance with the Geospatial Data Act for Fiscal Year 2024

This audit will determine how well NASA is managing geospatial data—that is, information about the geographic location and characteristics of objects on or near the earth’s surface—in accordance with the Geospatial Data Act of 2018.

A-24-04-00-MSD | Audit of NASA’s Awards to Small Disadvantaged Businesses

The objective of this audit is to assess NASA’s practices for encouraging small disadvantaged businesses to participate in contracting and determine whether controls are in place to ensure awards are made to eligible recipients.

A-24-01-00-MSD | Evaluation of NASA’s Information Security Program under the Federal Information Security Modernization Act (FISMA) for Fiscal Year 2024

In accordance with FISMA requirements, we are reviewing NASA’s information security program and reporting the results to the Office of Management and Budget.

A-23-04-00-MSD | Audit of NASA’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Engagement

The OIG will evaluate whether NASA is effectively implementing engagement and outreach activities to attract a diverse Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) workforce.


A-24-07-00-SARD | NASA’s Vulnerabilities to Climate Change Impacts

The overall objective will be to assess NASA’s vulnerabilities to climate change impacts and any adaptation, mitigation, and preparation efforts to address these vulnerabilities.

A-23-13-00-SARD | NASA’s Management of its Rocket Propulsion Test Program

We’re looking at NASA’s management of assets and capabilities that use chemical rocket propulsion to ensure effective and efficient use of taxpayer funds.

A-23-12-00-SARD | Audit of the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope Project

We will assess whether this project is meeting cost, schedule, and technical goals, while managing risks.

A-23-11-00-SARD | Audit of NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services Initiative

We’re assessing how effectively NASA is implementing and managing its Commercial Lunar Payloads Initiative.


A-23-14-00-HED NASA’s Management of the Mobile Launcher 2 Project

NASA’s contract for Mobile Launcher-2 has rocketed to over $1 billion. This audit examines actions the Agency is taking to control future cost growth and schedule delays.

A-23-08-01-HED | NASA’s Management of the Space Launch System Block 1B Development

This audit will examine NASA’s management of the next iteration of its Space Launch System heavy-lift rocket known as Block 1B.

A-23-10-00-HED | NASA’s Management of Risks to Sustaining ISS Operations through 2030

This audit will evaluate NASA’s plans for sustaining the ISS through 2030 and safely de-orbiting it.

A-23-08-00-HED | NASA’s Management of Artemis IV and Future Missions

This audit will examine NASA’s development of space flight systems for its Artemis IV and future missions.

A-23-07-00-HED | Audit of NASA’s Readiness for Its Artemis II Crewed Mission to Lunar Orbit

This audit will examine NASA’s plans and progress toward achieving its Artemis II goals.