Office of Audits

Active Projects

Assign. No. Title/Objective
A-22-08-00-FMD Audit of NASA's Fiscal Year 2022 Financial Statements

This audit of NASA's fiscal year 2022 consolidated financial statements will be performed by the independent public accounting firm Ernst & Young LLP with oversight by OIG staff.

Assign. No. Title/Objective
A-22-12-00-MSD Audit of NASA's Management of its Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

This audit will review NASA’s progress in developing its AI governance frameworks and policies and will assess whether security controls have been implemented to protect AI data and technologies.

A-22-09-00-MSD Audit of NASA's Software Asset Management

This audit will examine whether NASA is managing its software assets in an effective and efficient manner while maintaining compliance with applicable requirements and security best practices.

A-22-06-00 Audit of NASA's Compliance with the Geospatial Data Act for Fiscal Year 2022

This audit will examine whether NASA has fulfilled its responsibilities for managing geospatial data as required by the Geospatial Data Act for Fiscal Year 2022.

Assign. No. Title/Objective
A-21-017-00 NASA's Efforts to Advance Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility

This audit will evaluate NASA's efforts to advance diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.

Assign. No. Title/Objective
A-22-13-00-SARD NASA’s Earth System Science Pathfinder Program

This audit will evaluate NASA’s management of the Earth System Science Pathfinder Program, assessing the Program’s ability to meet goals, control costs while meeting milestones, and address science and climate research priorities.

A-22-10-00-SARD NASA’s Electrified Aircraft Propulsion Research and Development Efforts

This audit will assess progress towards developing and testing new technologies and sustainable energy options for aircraft propulsion and whether the Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate is meeting its established goals and priorities.

A-22-02-00-SARD Review of NASA's Management of the Radioisotope Power Systems Program

This audit will assess whether the Program has adequate performance management practices and measurements in place regarding plutonium-238 production, technology development maturation, and space flight project mission planning.

A-21-016-00 Review of NASA's Management of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory Portfolio

This audit will evaluate NASA's processes and controls for ensuring the effective management of the APL portfolio.

Assign. No. Title/Objective
A-22-14-00-HED NASA’s Management of the Artemis Program’s Supply Chain

This audit will examine NASA’s management of the Artemis program’s supply chain.

A-22-07-00-SOD NASA's Management of the Space Launch System Engine Contracts

This audit will examine NASA's management of the Space Launch System engine contracts.

A-22-005-00 Review of NASA's Space Technology Mission Directorate Portfolio

This audit will examine NASA's management of its Space Technology Mission Directorate portfolio.