Office of Audits

Active Projects

Assign. No. Title/Objective
A-21-006-00 Review of NASA's Fiscal Year 2020 Digital Accountability and Transparency Act Submission

We will assess the completeness, accuracy, timeliness, and quality of the Agency's fiscal year 2020, fourth quarter data submission as well as the Agency's implementation and use of government-wide financial data standards. We will also review internal controls as they relate to the overall objective and assess the status of corrective actions implemented for prior recommendations.

A-21-002-00 Audit of NASA's Compliance with the Payment Integrity Information Act for Fiscal Year 2020

This audit will determine whether NASA complied with the requirements of the Payment Integrity Information Act of 2019 for fiscal year 2020.

Assign. No. Title/Objective
A-21-012-00 Evaluation of NASA's Information Security Program under the Federal Information Security Modernization Act for Fiscal Year 2021

The OIG is initiating its fiscal year 2021 evaluation of NASA's information security program. The Federal Information Security Modernization Act of 2014 (FISMA) requires us to conduct annual reviews of the Agency's information security program and report the results to OMB.

A-20-009-00 NASA's Cybersecurity Readiness

This audit will examine NASA's readiness to identify and respond to current and future cybersecurity threats.

Assign. No. Title/Objective
A-21-007-00 Review of Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act Funding

This audit will determine if NASA appropriately expended and managed CARES Act funding to meet congressionally mandated, federal, and NASA guidance

A-21-001-00 Audit of Ames Research Center's Lease Management Practices

This audit will assess the effectiveness of Ames Research Center's implementation and management of its lease agreements to further the Center's goal of developing a collaborative research and development campus.

A-20-005-00 Audit of NASA's Construction of Facilities

This audit will assess the extent to which the Agency is effectively managing its facility construction efforts.

Assign. No. Title/Objective
A-21-009-00 Audit of the Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover (VIPER) Project

This audit will assess NASA's management of the VIPER project relative to achieving technical objectives, meeting established milestones, and controlling costs.

A-20-006-00 NASA's Management of the Universities Space Research Association

The overall objective will be to evaluate the NASA's partnership with the Universities Space Research Association relative to meeting Agency requirements and expectations.

Assign. No. Title/Objective
A-20-008-01 NASA's Acquisition Strategy for the Artemis Missions

This audit examines NASA's acquisition strategy for the Artemis missions with respect to meeting cost, schedule, and performance objectives in returning astronauts to the Moon. This is the second in a series of audits examining the Agency's management of the Artemis missions originally announced in March 2020.

A-21-005-00 NASA's Management of Its Astronaut Corps

This audit will examine NASA's management of its Astronaut Corps.

A-21-003-00 NASA's Utilization, Management, and Commercialization of Low Earth Orbit

This audit will examine NASA's utilization, management, and commercialization of low Earth orbit.

A-20-016-00 NASA's Multi-Mission Program Cost Estimating and Reporting Practices

This audit will assess the effectiveness of the Agency's cost estimating and reporting practices for large, multi-mission programs such as those supporting the Artemis program.

A-20-015-00 NASA's Development of Next Generation Spacesuits

This audit will examine NASA's management and development of its next generation spacesuits for Artemis missions and future deep space applications.