Office of Investigations

Press Releases

  • Former NASA Contractor Employee Convicted for Substituting Foreign Materials for Domestic Materials To Be Used by NASA
    PR-2019-L - Press Release [August 29, 2019]

    A federal jury found Jonathan Hipps, a former employee at STAT Industry, Inc., a company that provided parts and materials to the aerospace industry, including NASA, guilty of mail fraud, concealment of material facts from a federal agency, and providing a false document to a federal agency.

  • Penn Yan Man Charged with Falsifying Inspection Reports
    PR-2019-K - Press Release [May 22, 2019]

    James Smalley, of Penn Yan, New York, was arrested and charged by criminal complaint with falsifying inspection reports for space parts procured by SpaceX for the construction of the Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy series of space vehicles.

  • Chicago Software Developer Sentenced to Prison for Fraudulently Obtaining Federal Grant Money
    PR-2019-H - Press Release [May 9, 2019]

    Miroslav Velev, a Chicago software developer, was sentenced to 3 months in prison for fraudulently obtaining $200,000 in grant funds intended for federal research to advance his own personal gain.

  • Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturer Agrees to Pay Over $46 Million for Defrauding Customers, including the United States, in Connection with Test Result Falsification Scheme
    PR-2019-G - Press Release [April 23, 2019]

    An Oregon aluminum extrusion manufacturer agreed to pay more than $46 million to resolve criminal charges and civil claims relating to a 19-year fraud scheme that included falsifying thousands of certifications for aluminum extrusions provided to NASA, the Department of Defense, and other commercial customers.

  • Former University of New Hampshire Employee Sentenced for Stealing Government Funds
    PR-2019-J - Press Release [March 27, 2019]

    Jichun Zhang, a former Research Associate Professor at the University of New Hampshire's Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans and Space, was sentenced to two years of probation for stealing money from federal grants provided by NASA for research.

  • Five Men Charged in 71-Count Indictment for Defrauding Federal Agencies
    PR-2019-F - Press Release [March 14, 2019]

    James A. Clark, Eric L. Hogan, Kenneth A. Latham, James K. Alford, and Harvey Daniels, Jr., were charged in a 71-count indictment for conspiracy to include committing wire fraud, making false claims, and bribery in connection with obtaining approximately $15 million in federal contracts intended for disadvantaged small businesses.

  • Former NASA Contractor Pleads Guilty To Receipt of Child Pornography
    PR-2019-E - Press Release [February 26, 2019]

    Anthony Joseph Culotta, a former contractor at Kennedy Space Center, pled guilty to receiving child pornography. An investigation led by the NASA Office of Inspector General revealed Culotta had been using NASA's network to obtain child pornography via the internet since at least May 2017.

  • Former NASA Contractor Pleads Guilty and Admits to Computer Hacking and Stalking
    PR-2019-D - Press Release [February 25, 2019]

    Richard Gregory Bauer, a former contractor at Armstrong Flight Research Center, was sentenced to 57 months in federal prison for stalking, computer hacking, and aggravated identity theft. In a plea agreement filed in October 2018, Bauer admitted to threatening to publish nude photographs of women he targeted on the internet if they did not send him additional explicit pictures.

  • Newark-Based Company and CEO Agree to Pay $2.75 Million to Resolve Allegations of Government Contracting Fraud
    PR-2019-I - Press Release [January 29, 2019]

    E.M. Photonics, Inc. and its Chief Executive Officer, Eric Kelmelis, agreed to pay $2.75 million to resolve allegations that they violated the False Claims Act by seeking disbursements from federal agencies for falsified labor costs and duplicative work in order to maximize charges to contracts awarded through the federal Small Business Innovation and Small Business Technology Transfer programs.

  • NASA Facility Chief Guilty of Receiving Illegal Gratuities
    PR-2019-C - Press Release [December 11, 2018]

    Steven Eric Kremer, a former NASA Wallops Flight Facility employee, pled guilty to receiving gratuities and stealing federal funds while serving in his capacity as a government official.

  • University Of Puerto Rico Settles Misuse Of Grant Funds Case
    PR-2019-B - Press Release [November 29, 2018]

    The University of Puerto Rico agreed to pay more than $1.7 million in a civil settlement to resolve allegations that the University misused grant funding provided by NASA and other federal agencies for research.

  • Former NASA Contractor Pleads Guilty and Admits to Computer Hacking and Stalking
    PR-2019-A - Press Release [October 11, 2018]

    Richard Gregory Bauer, a former contractor at NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center, pled guilty to stalking, computer hacking, and aggravated identity theft. In September 2018, NASA Office of Inspector General Special Agents arrested Bauer on federal charges that alleged he targeted seven women with online threats to publish nude photos unless the victims provided him with additional explicit pictures.

  • Scientist Sentenced To Three Years for Defrauding NASA, U.S. Navy, And Missile Defense Agency
    PR-2018-E - Press Release [August 24, 2018]
  • NASA Contractor Arrested For Possession of Child Pornography
    PR-2018-D - Press Release [August 10, 2018]
  • Alabama Computer Store Owner Charged in Fraud Scheme to Acquire, Sell Government Computers Intended for Schools, Nonprofit Organizations
    PR-2018-C - Press Release [June 20, 2018]
  • MassTech, Richard Lee and Arnold Lee to Pay U.S. $1.9 Million to Settle False Claims Act Allegations Relating to Small Business Innovation Research Awards
    PR-2018-B - Press Release [May 3, 2018]
  • Federal Jury Finds Scientist Guilty of Defrauding NASA, Navy, and Missile Defense Agency
    PR-2018-A - Press Release [February 12, 2018]
  • Huntsville Defense Contractor Sentenced for Defrauding DTRA, NASA
    PR-2017-G - Press Release [September 25, 2017]
  • Former Supervisor at Portland, Oregon-Area Manufacturing Company Pleads Guilty for Role in Fraud Scheme
    PR-2017-F - Press Release [July 27, 2017]
  • District Man Sentenced for Trafficking in Counterfeit Goods
    PR-2017-E - Press Release [May 9, 2017]
  • Former NASA Employee Sentenced to Serve Ten Years in Federal Prison for Coercion of a Minor
    PR-2017-D - Press Release [February 27, 2017]
  • Sierra Nevada Corporation Pays $14.9m to Settle Allegations of Improper Contract Billings
    PR-2017-C - Press Release [February 16, 2017]
  • District Man Pleads Guilty to Federal Charge For Trafficking in Counterfeit Goods
    PR-2017-B - Press Release [January 18, 2017]
  • Former NASA Employee Pleads Guilty to Making False Statements Concerning His Interactions with Contractors
    PR-2017-A - Press Release [October 5, 2016]
  • Woburn Company and President Agree to Pay $2.25 Million to Resolve Allegations of Grant Fraud
    PR-2016-G - Press Release [August 12, 2016]
  • New Port Richey Man To Pay More than $50,000 For Failing To Disclose Employment While Collecting Federal Unemployment Benefits
    PR-2016-F - Press Release [July 21, 2016]
  • Philadelphia Congressman Chaka Fattah and Associates Convicted in Corruption Case
    PR-2016-E - Press Release [June 21, 2016]
  • Estonian National Sentenced for Infecting Millions of Computers in 100 Countries with Malware in Multimillion-Dollar Fraud Scheme
    PR-2016-D - Press Release [April 26, 2016]
  • Computer Hacking Conspiracy Charges Unsealed Against Members of Syrian Electronic Army
    PR-2016-C - Press Release [March 22, 2016]
  • Former UCSD Professor Admits Fraud, Agrees to Forfeit $180,000
    PR-2016-B - Press Release [January 7, 2016]
  • Lehigh County Couple Convicted In Scheme to Defraud NASA
    PR-2016-A - Press Release [November 20, 2015]
  • Brevard County Man Pleads Guilty to Theft of Copper Wire
    PR-2012-H - Press Release [September 26, 2012]
  • Chinese Nationals Charged With Software Piracy and Exporting Technology to China
    PR-2012-G - Press Release [April 18, 2012]
  • Noted Scientist Sentenced For Attempted Espionage, Fraud and Tax Charges
    PR-2012-F - Press Release [March 21, 2012]
  • Romania U.S. Law Enforcement Cooperation Leads to Arrest of Hacker
    PR-2012-E - Press Release [January 31, 2012]
  • Lead Administrator and WebHost of Online Child Pornography Bulletin Board Sentenced to Prison
    PR-2012-D - Press Release [January 25, 2012]
  • Aerospace Corporation Agrees to Pay $2.5 Million to Resolve Allegations of Billing for Phantom Employee
    PR-2012-C - Press Release [December 6, 2011]
  • Aerojet And Parent Gencorp Inc. Pay $3.3 Million
    PR-2012-B - Press Release [November 30, 2011]
  • Manhattan U.S. Attorney Charges Seven Individuals for Engineering Sophisticated Internet Fraud Scheme that Infected Millions of Computers
    PR-2012-A - Press Release [November 9, 2011]
  • NASA Contractor to Pay U.S. to Resolve False Claims Act Liability Concerning Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Fraud
    PR-2011-J - Press Release [September 21, 2011]
  • Noted Scientist Pleads Guilty to Attempted Espionage
    PR-2011-I - Press Release [September 7, 2011]
  • Morehouse Settles Misuse-Of-Funds Case
    PR-2011-H - Press Release [August 4, 2011]
  • League City Businessman Charged With Fraud Involving Space Vehicle Parts
    PR-2011-G - Press Release [July 8, 2011]
  • Lunar Material Recovered
    PR-2011-F - Press Release [June 23, 2011]
  • The U.S. Attorney's Office reached a settlement agreement for more than $1.2 million with Sunpower Inc. to resolve costs that were improperly billed to the NASA Glenn Research Center
    PR-2011-E - Press Release [April 22, 2011]
  • University of Florida Nuclear Engineering Professor and Wife Convicted of Federal Contract Fraud
    PR-2011-D - Press Release [February 25, 2011]
  • Western Titanium, Inc., and Mach 2 Metals, Inc.
    PR-2011-C - Press Release [January 12, 2011]
  • Former NASA Chief of Staff Sentenced to 41 Months in Prison for Conspiracy
    PR-2011-B - Press Release [November 18, 2010]
  • Defendant Sentenced on Charges of Illegal Exporatation of Rocket Technology to South Korea
    PR-2011-A - Press Release [October 20, 2010]
  • Former NASA Chief of Staff Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy
    PR-2010-O - Press Release [August 18, 2010]
  • Former NASA Contractor Pleads Guilty to Using His Computer to Possess Child Pornography
    PR-2010-N - Press Release [August 18, 2010]
  • Former NASA Contract Employee Pleads Guilty to Stealing Astronaut Flight Suit
    PR-2010-M - Press Release [August 17, 2010]
  • Northrop Grumman Agrees To Pay $12.5 Million to Settle Civil False Claims Act Case Alleging Test Violations
    PR-2010-L - Press Release [June 23, 2010]
  • NASA Contractor Agrees to Pay $3 Million Settlement Under False Claims Act
    PR-2010-K - Press Release [June 10, 2010]
  • Newport News Woman Pleads Guilty to Conflict of Interest at NASA
    PR-2010-J - Press Release [June 2, 2010]
  • Defendant Pleads Guilty To Illegal Export of Rocket Technology to South Korea
    PR-2010-I - Press Release [May 24, 2010]
  • THREE SOLDIERS SENTENCED FOR STEALING COMPUTERS. Two Current Army Reserve Sergeants, One Former Army Reserve Sergeant Sold the Goods on Open Markets
    PR-2010-H - Press Release [March 24, 2010]
  • Former NASA Official Pleads Guilty to Violating Conflict of Internest Law in Scheme to Enrich Himself and Others
    PR-2010-G - Press Release [March 8, 2010]
  • Intrusions Involved Computers at NASA and Cisco, Theft of Trade Secret Source Code
    PR-2010-F - Press Release [February 8, 2010]
  • Former NASA Scientist Sentenced for Participating in Award of Contracts to his Wife
    PR-2010-E - Press Release [December 1, 2009]
  • Valley Businessman Sentenced to 2½ Years in Prison for Selling Non-Conforming Gaskets Used on Boeing Jets
    PR-2010-D - Press Release [November 9, 2009]
  • Former NASA Official Sentenced to 36 Months Probation in Scheme to Steer 'Earmarked' NASA Funds to Consulting Client
    PR-2010-C - Press Release [November 6, 2009]
  • UF Professor and Wife Indicted for Wire Fraud, Money Laundering
    PR-2010-B - Press Release [October 28, 2009]
  • Guilty Plea to Fraud and Tax Charges Unsealed against Maryland Scientist Charged with Attempted Espionage
    PR-2010-A - Press Release [October 26, 2009]
  • NASA Scientist Pleads Guilty To Participating In Award of Contracts to His Wife
    PR-2009-F - Press Release [September 29, 2009]
  • Former NASA Official Found Guilty in Scheme to Steer 'Earmarked' NASA Funds to Consulting Client
    PR-2009-E - Press Release [August 6, 2009]
  • NASA Contractor Convicted for Fraud Involving Space Vehicle Parts
    PR-2009-D - Press Release [March 30, 2009]
  • Former NASA Official Charged in Scheme to Steer 'Earmarked' NASA Funds to Consulting Client
    PR-2009-C - Press Release [March 6, 2009]
  • Yale University to Pay $7.6 Million to Resolve False Claims Act and Common Law Allegations
    PR-2009-B - Press Release [December 23, 2008]
  • NASA Contractor Indicted For Fraud Involving Space Vehicle Parts
    PR-2009-A - Press Release [November 13, 2008]